Property 2: Intimacy is the unique charm of Guesthaven House. Located 17 minutes away from the heart of Baguio - the most ideal choice as it offers more exclusivity for you and your love ones.

The second property of Guest Haven Baguio is located in an off the beaten location in Interior A Balacbac, Sto. Tomas, Baguio City. Adapting from the bed and breakfast the polished aesthetic of country living, the property opens its doors to guests looking for the authentic Filipino hospitality and respite from the urban life.

The signature personalized experience is delivered by Guest Haven House to all its guest from check in to check out. Common rooms house the grandeur of a high ceiling adorned by rustic chandeliers, walls paneled by air dried Pine wood and completed by exquisite locally handcrafted furniture upholstered by leather or intricately weaved Cordilleran textile. Much like the bed and breakfast, the indoors of the house are kept warm by the grand fireplace ablaze by freshly cut wood during cooler months.

Rooms are designed with tandem and small families in mind providing touches of Cordilleran craftsmanship from intricately carved bed frames to delicately weaved tapestries. Home cooked breakfast welcomes guests to a new day prepared from locally sourced produce from the communities of the Baguio City. Checking-in is an experience in itself of true Filipino-Cordilleran hospitality. Your stay is sure to be more than a home away from home. 

Guest Haven House continues with Hey, Vav, Zayin, and Chet. Rooms are tastefully decorated and each room has its own individual style lovingly furnished with pieces collected and restored over the years. Fresh set of beddings cleaned organically exude quality for a great night sleep. Connected rooms cater to tandem and small families.